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Chrysanne Grund

Chrysanne lives in Wallace, Kansas and works for Greeley County Hospital.  When she's not busy chasing cows, pigs and kids, she's dreaming up impossible healthcare programs that really shouldn't work in a small town the size of Tribune.  But they often do.


Kieran Elder

Kieran has only been with Greeley County Health Services for a little less than two years but it feels like she has worked here for ten.  She brings her professionalism and caring to our patients and her organization and vision (and possibly a tiny bit of helpful OCD) to our program. We're glad she's here!


Burlay Parks

Burlay could probably rule the world but instead chooses to be the Patient Care Coordinator for Greeley County Health Services.  She completes small miracles every day in working with our most seriously and chronically ill patients and they're so glad she does.


Drew Zerr

Although Drew spends most of his day cuddled up with a computer, he also lends great expertise and knowledge to our growing program.  Drew is a native of Tribune and understands the needs of our rural patients as well as recognizing the challenges of the next generation of rural healthcare.

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