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This page was created by Greeley County Health Services through funding received from the Health Resources Services Administration Small Health Care Provider Quality Improvement Grant.  Our three year project is known locally as the Health Coach project. 


Greeley County Health Services (GCHS) is a 501c3 rural health system based in Tribune, Kansas.  The system includes a critical bed hospital, rural health clinic and long term care in Greeley County Kansas.  It also includes a rural health clinic in neighboring Sharon Springs located in Wallace County, Kansas. 


GCHS has long been invested in the development of rural health programming and partners locally within our communities and regionally with other organizations to strengthen rural health care.  The current HRSA funded project at GCHS includes the re-design of the traditional office visit for patients with chronic illnesses such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes and obesity.  The re-design features the use of a Health Coach to promote wellness and improved care before, during and after the visit. 


Additionally, this project will develop opportunities for rural health systems to share resources and tools for improved patient care.  Through shared strategies, we believe we can improve health care opportunities in some of the most rural areas of our region. 


Chrysanne Grund

GCHS Project Manager

Kieran Elder, PA-C

GCHS Health Coach Coordinator

Quality Improvement Facilitator

Burlay Parks, RN

Patient Care Coordinator

Drew Zerr, MPH

GCHS Clinic Manager

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